3 Coin Tie Bar
5 Dime Necklace
Alaska Pin
Alaska Quarter on Post
Alaska state quarter
Alaska State Quarter Necklace
Alaska State Quarter Post Earrings
Baby Feathers with Crystal Earrings
Baby Spoon Ring
Barber Quarter Post Earrings
Ben Franklin
Brass Bullet and Copper Earrings
Brass Bullet Earrings. What's your caliber?
British Penny
British Penny Bracelet
British Penny Necklace
Brothel Token from the Old West
Buffalo NIckel Bracelet
Buffalo Nickel Cufflinks
Buffalo Nickel Dangle
Buffalo Nickel Incased Necklace
Buffalo Nickel Necklace on Leather Cord
Buffalo Nickel Post Earrings
Buffalo Nickel Post with Feathers
Buffalo Nickel Ring/ Buffalo
Buffalo Nickel Ring/ Indain
Buffalo Nickel Tie Tack
Buffalo Nickel TIe Tack
Buffalo Nickel, Pennies and Dimes Bracelet
Buffalo Nickels on Wire Earrings
Buffalo Nickle Money Clip
Bullet Necklace
Bullet Necklace
Bullet Necklace
Bullet Ring. What's your caliber?
Bullets and Dimes Earrings
Bullets and Key Bracelet
Coin Casings or bezels
Coin Casings or Bezels-Click on picture for sizes.
Cuff Links
Cut Carved Dime Necklace
Dangle Earrings
Deer Antler Earrings
Deer Antler Money Clip
Deer antler with Bullet Bracelet
Dime and Copper Bracelet
Dime Earrings with Bullets
Double Mercury Dime Bracelet with Austrian Lead Crystal
Flying Eagle/Standing Liberty Quarter CuffLinks
Fork Bracelet
Fork Bracelet
Fork Bracelet with Magnectic Clasp
Fork Elephant Necklace
Fork Elephant Necklace
Fork Elephant Necklace
Fork Elephant Pin
Fork Elephant Ring
Fork Elephant Ring
Handcrafted Antique Key Earrings with Bone Beads
Handcrafted Copper and Brass Bracelet with Antler, Sun Stone and Bone Beads
Handcrafted Copper and Brass Bracelet with Buffalo Nickel, Indian Head Penny and Torquoise and Bone Beads
Handcrafted Copper and Brass Bracelet with Sun Stone and Bone Beads
Handcrafted Deer Antler Bracelet with Sun Stone and Bone Beads
Handcrafted Mercury Dime Earrings with Antique Granny Glasses and Torquoise Beads
Handcrafted Silver Mercury Dime Earrings with Antique Granny Glasses
Handcrafted Silver Quarter Earrings with Hand Hammered Feathers, Bone Beads, and Austrian Lead Crystal
Handcrafted Silverware Bracelet with Torquoise and Silver Beads
Horseshoe Nail and Copper Earrings
Indain Penny Ring
Indian Head Penny and Torquoise Bracelet
Indian Head Penny Bracelet
Indian Head Penny Cufflinks
Indian Head Penny Cupped Earrings
Indian Head Penny Dangle
Indian Head Penny Incased Necklace
Indian Head Penny on Wire Earrings
Indian Head Penny Post
Indian Head Penny Tie Tack
Indian Penny Money Clip
Indian Penny Necklace on Leather Cord
Italian Lira Ring
Key Bracelet
Lincoln Wheat Penny
Lincoln Wheat Penny Bracelet
Lincoln Wheat Penny Cufflinks
Lincoln Wheat Penny Dangle
Lincoln Wheat Penny Double Earrings
Lincoln Wheat Penny on Wire
Lincoln Wheat Penny Post Earrings
Lincoln Wheat Penny Tie Tack
Lincoln Wheat Penny with Feather
Mercury Dime and Indian Head Penny Earrings
Mercury Dime and Silver Washington Quarters with Crystal
Mercury Dime and Silver Washington Quarter Earrings
Mercury Dime and Wheat Penny Necklace on Sterling Silver Chain
Mercury Dime Anklet
Mercury Dime Bracelet
Mercury Dime Cufflinks
Mercury Dime Dangle
Mercury Dime Dangle with Crystal
Mercury Dime Dangle with Torqouise
Mercury Dime Double Bracelet
Mercury Dime Double Earrings
Mercury Dime Incased Necklace
Mercury Dime Necklace on Leather Cord
Mercury Dime on Wire Earrings
Mercury Dime on Wire with Crystal Earrings
Mercury Dime Post Earrings
Mercury Dime Ring
Mercury Dime Tie Tack
Mercury Dime with Baby Feather
Mercury Dime with Torquoise Bracelet
Mercury Dime, Torquoise and Bullet Earrings
Money Clips
Montana State Quarters on Wire
Old American Big Penny
One of a Kind
Peace Silver Dollar
Poker Chip Money Clip
Porcelion Hot Water Handle
Post Earrings
Pull Your Own Strings Necklace on Parachute Cord
Pull Your Own Strings Necklace on Silver Chain
Shot Gun Shell Cuff Links
Shot Gun Shell Necklace
Shot gun shell with Buffalo Nickel Money Clip
Shotgun Shell Earrings on Wire
Shotgun Shell Post Earrings
Silver and Copper Bracelet
Silver Coin Necklace
Silver Dime and Hammered Copper Earrings
Silver dime casing or bezel
Silver Dollar Casing
Silver Dollar Money Clip
Silver Dollar Necklace
Silver Dollar Necklace with Earrings
Silver Flying Eagle Quarter with Pennies and Dimes Bracelet
Silver Half Dollar Casing
Silver Mercury Dime Cross Earrings with Crystal
Silver nickle casing or bezel
Silver penny casing or bezel
Silver Quarter Arrowhead Necklace
Silver Quarter casing or bezel
Silver Quarter Cross Necklace
Silver Quarter Ring
Silver Standing Liberty Quarter Earrings with Copper Beads and Hand Hammered Feathers
Silver Washington Quarter on Wire Earrings
Silver Washington Quarter Post Earrings
Spoon Bracelet
Spoon Bracelets with Magnetic Clasp
Spoon Bracelets with Magnetic Clasp
Stacked Coin Necklace
Standing Liberty/ Flying Eagle Quarter
Staple Earring with Brass Accent
Teaspoon Bracelet
Teaspoon Bracelet
Teaspoon Bracelet with Magnet
Teaspoon Ring
Teaspoon Ring
The 100 Years Silver Quarter Bracelet
The Last 100 Years Of Dimes Bracelet
The Last 200 Years of American Copper Pennies Bracelet
Tie Tacks/Tie Bar
V-Nickel with Lincoln Wheat Pennies Bracelet
Walking Liberty Bracelet
Walking Liberty Half Dollar
Walking Liberty with Crystal Bracelet
Walking Liberty, Dimes and Torquoise Necklace
Washington Silver Quarter Bracelet
Washington Silver Quarter CuffLinks
Wheat Penny and Antique Key Earrings
Wheat Penny and Buffalo Nickel Earrings
Wheat Penny and Hammered Silver Earring
Wheat Penny and Washington Silver Quarter Earrings
Wheat Penny Ring
Wheat Penny, Torquoise and Bullet Earrings
Wholesale Items
Wire Earrings